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Growlers sound check.


Earlier this week, to celebrate the return of Dallas, we had Patrick Duffy, who plays Bobby Ewing, to muse on the return of the show. Well, there’s also a city named Dallas that is experiencing a Comeback. So we asked Chris LaBove, co-artistic director of Second Thought Theatre, to give us a tour of the new and re-up and coming city.

Dallas, the City, Comes Back Too!


We asked the great Justin Terveen to send us his 10 favorite Calatrava Bridge shots. And man, did he.

All 10 on the Observer.

The Calatrava bridge in Dallas opens this weekend in Dallas!!!!!!


This is what Dallas looked like on Valentine’s Day.

Photo by Justin Terveen (who else?)


Patrick radio interview about his birthday, recording techniques, and sassyness of Michael Carney

Spent most of yesterday in Dallas with my best friend Rachel. Had lunch at Taco Diner in West Village. It was unexpectedly delicious, the brisket tacos were the best and the salsa was just as good. After checking out all the shops in the 100 degree heat we got gelato then saw Midnight in Paris at The Magnolia Theater. I love, love, loved that movie. I will definitely watch it again. A lot of literary and artistic references. Its a good movie for those who love Paris, Hemingway, Picasso, Fitzgerald, Dali….and others.

THEN we went to Good Records, I’ve been itchin to check out this place since I’ve been home for the summer. It’s the best record shop I’ve been to, though it sucks that I have to drive almost an hour if I want to visit it again. But I will be making a trip there again next week because The Civil Wars are doing an in-store performance there before their sold out show later that day! I ended up getting their vinyl, which I’m listening to now, as well as The Kills’ Blood Pressures.

It was the best Thursday I’ve had in a while.