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I’m still unsure if I should buy ($20) tickets to The Kills concert. It’s on a Monday, 2 weeks from now and like the 3rd day of school. So I wouldn’t really be missing a major exam or anything. 


The Kills
“Future Starts Slow”
Live at L’Olympia in Paris, 2011

Every other day lately I have a conversation with someone who is anxious to skip ahead to some point in the future. I’ve spent most of my life feeling that way too, so I have a lot of empathy for that sort of angst. Sometimes it’s about wanting far more than the world could reasonably give you, which makes me think of a brilliant lyric from a Maxi Geil song called “A Message to My Audience”: “I want the world, and I want it now / can’t that be arranged for me somehow?” But in less petulant moments, it’s closer to the feeling of “Future Starts Slow,” which bleeds out equal measures of passion and fear. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince sing about feeling terrified that their passion – for someone, each other, their art, anything – could disappear. And then what? The Kills write from the perspective of people who thrive on intensity and emotional investment, so when Alison sings “if there’s a time when the feeling’s gone / I want to feel it,” it’s clear that she’s talking about her worst nightmare. The pain of waiting around isn’t so much about needing something to happen right away as much as it’s about fearing that it will never come, or that you’ll somehow go numb while you wait your life away. (Originally posted 7/28/2011)

This song. This is why I have to go see them in January. 

Spent most of yesterday in Dallas with my best friend Rachel. Had lunch at Taco Diner in West Village. It was unexpectedly delicious, the brisket tacos were the best and the salsa was just as good. After checking out all the shops in the 100 degree heat we got gelato then saw Midnight in Paris at The Magnolia Theater. I love, love, loved that movie. I will definitely watch it again. A lot of literary and artistic references. Its a good movie for those who love Paris, Hemingway, Picasso, Fitzgerald, Dali….and others.

THEN we went to Good Records, I’ve been itchin to check out this place since I’ve been home for the summer. It’s the best record shop I’ve been to, though it sucks that I have to drive almost an hour if I want to visit it again. But I will be making a trip there again next week because The Civil Wars are doing an in-store performance there before their sold out show later that day! I ended up getting their vinyl, which I’m listening to now, as well as The Kills’ Blood Pressures.

It was the best Thursday I’ve had in a while.

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The Black Keys,

I made a playlist for my road-trip home, it had The Antlers, Cults, Bon Iver, The Kills and others. I was really excited since I hadn’t heard these guys’ albums in full yet. But I didn’t even play it, I just listened to Black Keys the whole way there.

Hold Me In Your Arms by The Black Keys from the Thickfreakness album. 

This song may be my favorite Black Keys song, definitely in the top 5. Mostly because of the intro to the song.