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I'm Olympia

22 years old

Living in flatlands

Attending Texas Tech University

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The Growlers,
Hung At Heart

We don’t want to live like kooks

just want to live in between

not square not hippy and not like you

good american kids with dreams

don’t worry sir you don’t need to understand old man

life is for living and that’s as far as we got

with our plans

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Rage Against the Machine,
Rage Against the Machine

Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine

Good music to listen to at this time of day.

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The Mars Volta,

Asilos Magdalena by The Mars Volta

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The Black Keys,
Rubber Factory

It took longer than it should have but I finally got my roommates hooked on The Black Keys. Whoo!

Tomorrow is Nov. 1 which means:

-40 Days until the finals, the scariest part of every semester.

Which means the fall semester is almost over, and it seems like it barley started. 

-36 Days til El Camino, I’ll be listening to this non stop during finals. 

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Arctic Monkeys,
Beneath the boardwalk

Arctic Monkeys- Mardy Bum

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